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The unprecedented issues created by the pandemic are ever increasing. While some of us may be privileged enough to get by, many others still remain without a source of income, sustenance, or education.

During times when online and digital learning have taken over our traditional classroom- based learning; many students are finding it difficult to continue their education from home due to lack of access to smartphones and laptops. This is especially true in case of girl students since in case of limited access, the male child usually takes precedence in traditional families. The situation is creating enormous levels of stress, depression and anxiety, which according to media reports, have even led to suicides by students.

DAV College, a premier Co educational college of North India, has always taken great pride in its inclusive classrooms. Provide basic amenities such as smartphones and laptops to the underprivileged sections of our society so that together we can support and encourage the holistic wellness and growth of the students. So let us all come together and join hands in fulfilling a student’s dream and ambition by donating our old / used smartphones / laptops or contributing financially towards the campaign. Your donations will be directly used to sponsor a student’s education.


Endowment Fund carries the name decided by the donor. These can be in the form of one time contribution to create a corpus that can be

  • Used in its entirety to provide scholarship(s) or award(s) to student(s) in accordance with an approved criteria.

  • Invested in a term deposit with interest accrued being apportioned to provide scholarship(s) or award(s) to student(s) in accordance with an approved criteria.

The Governing Body reserves the right to decide the minimum amount of endowment and how the interest accrued will be apportioned towards the scholarship(s) or award(s). The college provides only monetary awards that are transferred directly into student bank account. It discourages institution of gold/ silver medals or trophies. Endowment All awards are accompanied by a Certificate and distributed on the Founder' Day on 7 March at a befitting ceremony, unless desired otherwise by the donor.

Potential donors may consider sponsoring education of a student who the college can help identify. They can institute a scholarship or an award through an endowment corpus. Or they can contribute to the Principal's Fund used exclusively for providing financial assistance to needy students.

General donations to the college are also welcome. These are used variously towards implementation of vital infrastructure development and other key projects following due process, giving due credit to the contributor. The donation can be untagged or tagged to a specific project.

Donations are accepted through cheque made in favour of Principal, Miranda House; or through E-Payment to Donation Account details of which are provided once the college takes a decision on accepting the terms of the donation. Cash payments are not accepted. Any financial assistance to the student is transferred directly to her bank account. Donations to the college, an educational institute of eminence, are 100% exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Under this provision, the college is committed to using donations received, wholly and exclusively to furthering the cause of education, for which it was established

A significantly large number of students have economically underprivileged or challenged backgrounds. Many of them have a single parent with low income; few have no parents or suffer sudden loss during the course of their studies.

It is our endeavour to provide need-based financial support for college education to as many students as we can. However, the available funds are never enough. Hence we proactively seek support.

College Fee: Potential Donors who want to give one time contribution towards College Fee of students in a particular course may refer to the Course Fee.

Hostel Fee: Potential Donors who want to give one time contribution towards College Fee of students in a particular course may refer to the Course Fee.

Financial Support to Students with Disability: In the academic year 2016-17 the college has on rolls 69 students with disability. Of these, * * are visually challenged, * * are orthopedically challenged and * * have other forms of disability. They are exempt from paying course fee. The college has proactively been seeking scholarships and special awards to support their education and augment resources available to them. The college instituted the first scholarship for visually challenged students in 2005. It now has * * awards of Rs. 5000 each and 03 awards of Rs. 10,000 each. It seeks to institute more awards through generous support channels.

Although the constitutional requirement is to provide 3% reservation of seats in the hostel to students with disability, as part of affirmative action, Miranda House currently has * * instead of mandated * * 15 students in residence. They are exempted from payment of all fees except WUS Membership for health services and 50% of Hostel Mess Fee. This is tantamount to financial support of about Rs. 10 lakh per annum for students in residence. The college seeks donors to contribute towards this initiative.