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Women Cell

WEशाखा- the women cell of DAV College, Sector-10, Chandigarh is actively engaged in organizing events and activities to bring into limelight the talent women folk and also deliberate on the issues concerning them. Mrs. Deepti Madaan (Librarian) is the Convener of the Women Cell. Dr. Arti Arya (dept. of Biotechnology)and Dr. Meenu (dept. of Commerce) are the members of this Cell. Apart from faculty members, the Cell also includes students as its members namely Salonee Hundal (B.Com 2nd year), Mehar Chadha (B.Sc. Biotechnology), Riya Chaudhary (B.Sc. Biotechnology) and Subhashree Priyadarshini (B. Sc. B.Ed. 4th year).
In keeping with the purpose of the Cell, a National Webinar on “Role of Women in Nation Builiding” was organized on Dec. 21st, 2020. The keynote speaker was Dr. Lata Suresh, Head, Knowledge Resource Centre, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Gurugram. The speaker brought into focus the pivotal role played by Women in the family, society and in the Nation Building. College Principal, Dr. Pawan Sharma encouraged the female students to become the committed leaders of tomorrow. Convener Women Cell focused on the challenge being taken by women from caring mother to a competitive CEO. Dr. Arti Arya explained the meaning of WEशाखा which implies constellation of stars which rightly goes with the star power women possess. Dr. Meenu highlighted on the acceptance of huge role being played by women. The event had an overwhelming response from the connected participants. Student members of the Cell worked hard for its smooth and successful conduct of this webinar.
WEशाखा also celebrated International Women’s Day which was on March 8th, 2021. To mark the occasion Slogan entries were invited from the students on the theme “Women Serving Humanity, Striving for Safety, Equality and Dignity”. The students actively participated in it by submitting their work in a creative and meaningful way. College Principal, Dr. Pawan Sharma highlighted on the fact that woman is the lifeline of humanity for its survival and growth. The convener, Mrs. Deepti Madaan brought to light the efforts made by women in enhancing the art of living and culture. She was of the view that a strong woman is the foundation of a Nation. Dr. Arti Arya shared her thoughts in the form of a prayer which focused on the all round well being of a women. Dr. Meenu was of the opinion that woman is the architect of a Nation. This prominent role of hers should be well attributed and revered. Again the students actively contributed by submitting large number of entries.
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Women Cell

Equal Opportunity Cell

This committee has been constituted to extend help to the differently abled students studying in our college. The cell explores various possibilities to take care of the urgencies and needs of the differently abled students of the college. This college endeavors to help the differently abled students develop their personality to the full and be a part of the mainstream.
The committee has constituted a special cell in the name of lead kindly light which shall act as a mediator between the pool of volunteer writers and the visually impaired students to help the latter write their college as well as university exams.

Electoral Literacy Club

The Electoral Literacy Club (ELC) of DAV College has tried to bring about awareness among students about their electoral rights through interesting activities. The aim was also to create awareness about the electoral process of India. The endeavour has also been to make the voters aware about their voting rights. The thrust has been to make the voter an ‘Empowered Voter’. The activities have been planned under the guidance of the Principal of the College, Dr Pawan Sharma. Dr. Kanwal Preet is the Nodal officer who plans the various events along with teacher in charge Dr.Hardeep  Kaur. The carefully thought plans and activities are executed by a very dynamic group of students who form the panel. Nirmal Chandola as the President, Saurabh Chhetri as the Vice- President and Aditi as the General Secretary  lead a dynamic team of Siddeshwar, Deepak, Shubham and Radhika.
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