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From President's Pen


Padam Shri. Punam Suri Ji

President DAVCMC, New Delhi

& Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha, New Delhi

DAV's vast, pervasive network of institutions owes its strength and sustenance to the age-old values and wisdom that are so reverently enshrined in the Vedas. When Swami Dayanand gave the historic call 'Back to the Vedas', he laid the foundation of a noble society founded on the moralistic principles of Vedic wisdom. Thus was created "Arya Smaj", Swami Dayanand's dream for the betterment and upliftment of society. When Mahatma Hans Raj carried forth the torch of Vedic light into the field of education, DAV - Dayanand Anglo-Vedic institutions were created.
DAV, right from its point of existence, embodies the spirit of sagacity and sacrifice that was so deeply entrenched in the lives of the renowned stalwarts such as Mahatma Hansraj and Lala Lajpat Rai. In my discourses, I often highlight the strategic wisdom of the placement of the three letters D, A, V where "Anglo" refers to Western philosopy and knowledge, and its position in the middle signifies the wonderful balance that our institutions achieve, that is, to remain rooted in the Vedic values revered by Swami Dayanand, while imbibing the best of Western thought. For DAV, there is no limit to the attainment of knowledge because our Vedas inspire us to delve into the soul as well as seek awareness of all that the outer world has to offer. It is due to this divinely powerful combination of the mind and the soul that DAV, with a strength of nearly 800 institutions, has spread all over India as well as abroad.
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