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"I don't have to look far to find treasures. 
I discover them every time I visit a library" 

Michael Embry


About the Library

Our Library, the Heart and Hallmark of the Institution, is doing a yeoman’s job for its intellectual growth and development. It is a Knowledge-based pool of Print and E-reading material catering to the needs of the students, research scholars and the esteemed faculty. Our library is a sanctum Sanctorum of Knowing and Learning which aims at making every reader a progressive citizen of the World.


The Library provides a conducive atmosphere and sufficient seating facility to its readers for browsing and relaxed reading. Our college library:

  • Is Multi-sectional; reader-friendly

  • Has a huge collection of print books and a database of e-resources.

  • Has a treasure of ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge- houses more than 8000 manuscripts and more than 10,000 rare books.

  • RFID system installed in the library

  • Has Hi-tech Digital Corner with 25 computers

  • Is equipped with 10 Computers for in-house operations of the Library

  • Using “Campus Whizz” an integrated software

About Library

From Principals Desk


Message from Librarian


Mrs. Deepti Madan


The Past four decades have witnessed drastic changes in the social, scientific, telecom, economic and environmental sectors. With these, the domain of academics and research has also changed its course. Consequently, the roles of libraries have become hub and harbingers of knowledge and information. Library at DAVC 10 is becoming a part of this rapidly changing scenario and catering to the evolving needs. Our endeavor is that library should become a proper via media for faculty, research scholars and the students in their academic pursuits. With the dynamic guidance and able leadership of DAVC Managing Committee and our revered Principals, the college library is well up to the task. The library staff shall ever remain dedicated and innovative to fulfill the needs of the worthy reader. Aiming at inclusive participation from the students, events like signature campaign, book exhibitions etc. are organized from time to time. At the same time lectures/workshops are also duly held to attain academic objectives. The earnest efforts are and will always be made to make library reader-friendly and hub of intellectual resources.


Floor-wise Layout of Library

biotechnology (1).jpg

Our Stack Areas are well stocked and flexible to accommodate the latest reading and research material on various faculties. Hall mark of the Stack Area is its Open Access to facilitate the readers. We update it from time to time in keeping with the introduction of various Post Graduate and Under Graduate courses. It covers a wide range of faculties from Humanities to Bio-technology/Bio-informatics.


biotechnology (1).jpg

It has been established on the Ground Floor of the Library. At the beginning of the academic session, all the bona fide students of the College get their Identity cum Library Cards made from the Library. These cards enable them to avail the Library Services. Apart from this, books are issued and returned to the students and faculty members by following the prescribed Norms.


biotechnology (1).jpg

RUSA has proved to be a boon to the library enabling us to bring in better access, quality and expediency in tech-driven way. Financial assistance has been provided to upgrade the infrastructure of the library. Large number of books has been added to the collection. Data card printer, Information KIOSK has been installed in the library premises. The whole setup of RFID comprising RFID Security Gates, Staff Station, Book Drop Box, RFID KIOSK (Self check-in and Self Check-out), RFID Tags, RFID enabled Id cards, RFID Hand held reader have been incorporated in the library solely with the huge financial assistance from RUSA. This high end set up has made worthy readers more tech savvy in fulfilling their knowledge and informational needs.

biotechnology (1).jpg

A spacious air-conditioned outer reading hall with the seating capacity of 75 readers too is the part of the Ground Floor of the Library Building. We provide conducive atmosphere to the students for reading their personal books. It is kept open for longer hours during the examination days.


biotechnology (1).jpg

To ensure the safety of belongings of the readers, property counter is also there where they are supposed to keep their belongings like bags before entering the Library. Proper safety of the Library books is maintained at the Gate itself by subjecting them to proper check.


biotechnology (1).jpg

Textbook section is well maintained with one or two copies of the books prescribed for various courses. From this section one can get the required material Xeroxed only.


biotechnology (1).jpg

Reference Section is also well equipped with all possible reference material ranging from Encyclopedias on various faculties to year books and books for competitive examinations like CAT/IAS, CDS/NDA and so on.

Reference Section

biotechnology (1).jpg

The entire Second Floor of the Library is devoted to the Periodical Section, biography section and Digital corner.

Digital Corner

biotechnology (1).jpg

Periodical Section includes multi faculty Journals, knowledge based and general magazines, newspapers in various languages. Good collection of the Biographies and Autobiographies form the part of the Periodical Section of the Library. CDROMs covering literature and various other subjects are also provided in the Periodical Section of the Library. In sync with the constant changes in Information and Communication Technology, Digital Corner has been established with 25 latest computers for our esteemed faculty. They have also been provided with Printers and Scanners.


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