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A Home Far Away from Home

The college has separate hostels for boys and girls on the campus where 250 boys and 500 girls can be comfortably accommodated. Residents live like a family here helping one another at the time of need. They are assisted by the hostel staff to make them feel at home.

Hostels function under the strict supervision of the college principal hostel wardens and hostel superindent whose first priority is security of the residents and healthy food. CCTV cameras have been installed at specific points to keep strict vigilance.

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Girls Hostel 
Dr. Jyotsna Lekhi
Boys Hostel
Dr. Kashmiri Lal

Features and Facilities

  • All hostels rooms are very well ventilated and properly lit. all the rooms have attached balconies.

  • All necessary furniture like a chair a study table a bed excluding bedding a cupboard a celling fan curtains and mirror is provided.

  • Facilities like washing dry cleaning hair dresser beauty parlour stationary shop std booth photocopying juice bar milk bar coffee shop gymnasium and ATM are available on the campus.

  • Fruit and juice shop remains open during the day

  • Common rooms are equipped with TV sets newspaper magazines and indoor games.

  • College library which houses more than 1,00,000 books is available to the residents for issue of books and consultation.

  • Residents can make use of the library reading room even after college hours.

  • Wash rooms are well maintained hot water is made available to the residents during winter season.

  • The budding scholars find here a congenial atmosphere for studies. The craze for participation in activities both academic and co curricular has risen so much that from time to time the boarders have bagged a number of prestigious trophies. Participation in declamation quiz contests paper reading painting competitions etc is quite common among boarders.

Medical facility

  • The boarders are required to observe the fundamentals of personal hygiene and maintain good health. God forbid if any student falls ill or meets with an accident it is the duty of the room partner and wing procter chief proctor to inform the respective warden immediately. A doctor during college hours and nurse 24 * 7 are available on the campus. The doctors in government hospital sector 16 chandigarh are contacted in case of any medical emergency.

Air conditioned hostel mess

Every attempt is made to ensure that the students get wholesome and nutritious food. To maintain the standard of food and observe cleanliness the mess committees the wardens and the principal make surprise checks in different kitchens and the dinning halls of different messes.

  • The air conditioned hostel mess is provided with the lavish kitchen equipment where delicious vegetarian food is prepared under strict hygienic conditions.

  • The mess committee takes care that variety of food is made available to the boarders sweet dishes is served three times in a week.

  • Special meals are served on festival days celebratory occasions.

  • To satisfy their taste buds south Indian delicacies are available in the coffee house on the college campus.

  • RO water purifiers have been installed all over the campus.

Rules and Instructions

Instructions for parents

  • Please read the rules/ regulations mentioned in the hostel prospectus carefully.

  • Regular interaction with the teachers warden DAV college official website to keep a record of your ward’s progress.

  • Only parents or local guardians will be allowed to visit the residents.

  • In case of ignorance on the part of parents regarding the admission rules, vigilance rules, outing rules, leave rules and mess rules the college will not be held responsible.

Admission procedure

  • Admission to hostel(boys and girls) is strictly on merit.

  • After having been admitted to college fill the hostel admission form online on the same pattern as done for the college admission.

  • The format of the affidavit regarding ragging available on college website https:// must be filled along with admission form.

  • The student must carry five passport size and two photographs of parents and guardians each at the time of admission.

  • Students are required to carry their original aadhar card along with them.

  • Paste not staple one copy of your photograph on each form the boarder card and the identity card. Appear for an intervien before the warden along with your father/mother/guardian only if parents are not alive and local guardian.

  • A fitness certificate by an authorized medical pratiotioner government hospital should be attached. The medical certificate should carry the information of the blood group of the student. If a student is suffering from any allergy or sensitivity to any medicine then the same should also be mentioned. Students suffering from any chronic or infectious disease such as asthma, migraine, TB, epilepsy or hysteria will not be admitted.

  • The final interview for a seat is then held with the principal. If the principal admits you deposit the hostel fee online the same day. Deposit hostel cards with the warden complete in all respects.

  • After getting admission reach the hostel premises one day before the teaching work starts and see the displayed list indicating the room number allotted to you.

  • Admission to the hostel can be refused without assigning any reason.

  • Admission is not always assured to old boarders

  • Hostel resident shall not be allowed to become a day scholar for more than a week.

  • A hostel resident shall not be allowed to become a day scholar for more than a week.

  • Hostellers who fail in university examination found guilty of misconduct and indisicipline in the college/hostel will not be admitted to the hostel. The principal holds the discretion to grant or refuse admission to the hostel to any student without giving any reason.

Allotment of room

  • Rooms will be allotted to the students by the warden according to the plan prepared as per their respective classes and streams.

  • In case a student changes her stream after hostel admission from BA to BCom/B.Sc./BBA/BCA or vice versa the hostel committee should be informed on the same day so that the student is allotted a room with the boarders of her own class.

  • Students admitted late will be allotted rooms as per availability. No preference shall be entertained in such cases.

  • A resident cannot shift from the allotted room without the permission of the warden.

  • Residents shall keep the hostel identity cards duly attested by the warden with them and will present these on demand by the authorities.

  • The card should be carefully preserved as no duplicate card will normally be issued. In case of loss it will be issued on payment of identity card fee.

  • The residents while leaving the hostel at the end of the academic year or in the mid session must return the Identity card to the office of the warden falling which resident will have to pay the identity card fee before the securities are refunded.

  • Students will have to vacate their rooms within 24 hours after the competition of the final examinations.

  • In case of shortage of accommodation a student will share the room with another student.

Dress code

  • The students must enter the mess, common room, dining hall or hostel office with proper attire. Residents boys and girls should be properly dressed while going to the any of the above mention places. The sikh students shall use patka or turban.

  • Rules for residents(boys and girls)

Hostel timings

  • The girls and boys hostel gates will be closed at 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm during summers and at 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm during winters respectively and no entry will be allowed after that without prior permission.

  • Due to some unavoidable circumstances late entries are permitted. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against habitual late comers. Residents will not be allowed to stay in hostel during summer vacations.


Daily Attendance :

  • The wing proctors/warden will take the roll call every day in the evening assembly. The boarders must be present in the evening assembly. Absentees will be duly fined for each absence.

  • The names of the residents absenting themselves without permission for a fortnight or more may be struck off the rolls. Their rooms shall be taken over by the warden.

  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student who is absent in the assembly without prior information to the superintendent. It must be borne in mind that the warden and principal make surprise checks even at very late hours. Late entries will be recorded at the gate. Action against habitual late comers will be taken. Any resident found misbehaving with the employees of the college will be liable to punishment.

  • Absence from the hostel for the whole night without prioir permission of the wardens is considered act of gross negligence and misconduct and will be dealt strictly.

  • No ward shall be admitted without a proper interview of the parents/local guardian. It is important that the address of the local guardian along with the signature at specified space may be clearly recorded.

Rules for visitors

  • Resident students must not entertain day scholars in their rooms

  • Parents shall submit a list of persons allowed to visit their daughters/sons in the hostel. In no case should a guest stay in your room at night. The visitor must leave before 7.00 pm. The boarders keeping guests for the night will be fined heavily.

Leave rules

  • Leave from the college must be obtained before applying for leave from the hostel except when the college is closed. The boarders have to apply online for leave a day before going home. Message will be sent to the registered mobile numbers of parents informing them regarding their ward’s departure from and arrival to the hostel.

  • A resident shall under all circumstances inform the warden about his/her absence from the hostel. He/she shall be required to enter leave in the register maintained for the purpose at the hostel gate.

Punishment for creating indiscipline

  • Acts of indiscipline, misbehavior, gambling, use of intoxicants in the hostel premises including rooms shall be severly dealt with. A resident guilty of anyone of these shall be liable to expulsion or a fine upto Rs.5000.00/- or both. Any resident found in possession of any weapon shall be liable to a fine of Rs.5000.00/- and or expulsion and the matter shall be reported to the police.

  • Any student opening a room by breaking the hostel lock or seal or window panes etc. shall be liable to pay a minimum fine of Rs.2500.00/-. In case of reported misconduct student shall be liable for expulsion from the hostel.

  • A student may be expelled from the hostel for any of the following acts

  • Indulging in ragging. Ragging is a punishable offence by law.

  • Keeping any fire arms, lethal weapon, poisonous thing or intoxicant of any kind.

  • Changing his/her room without the prior permission of the warden.

  • Staying away from the hostel without permission.

  • Negligence in studies/absence from classes irregular attendance.

  • Non observance of hostel rules.

  • Smoking or drinking in the hostel premises

  • Pasting or displaying of obscene pictures in the room or elsewhere.

  • Scribbling on the walls or doors.

  • Shouting across the balconies

  • Tampering with electrical switches etc.

  • Littering the corridors

  • Indulging in cat calls from the hostel balconies.

  • Disobedience to wardens words

  • Residents permitting or abetting unauthorized occupation of the rooms shall be liable to

  • Expulsion from the hostel

  • Forfeiture of securities

  • A fine upto Rs. 2000.00/- or more

  • Any other punishment deemed fit by the warden.

Anti ragging rules

Ragging is an offence

  • Any act resulting in verbal abuse indecent behavior physical and psychological humiliation financial exploitation extortion, financial exploitation/extortion, use of force, injury to body causing hurt or grievous hurt, unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging assault as well as sexual offence criminal trespass criminal intimidation wrongful restraint undermining human dignity.

  • A student indulging in ragging can be expelled from the institution banned from the mess/hostel scholarship can be withdrawn debarred from examinations denied admission to any institution prosecuted for criminal action institutions have asked to file FIR with local police against those who RAG/ABET ragging.

  • If the residents indulge in ragging or related activities then it should be immediately reported to the warden/principal.

A word of caution

  • Students must not change rooms once allotted to them without prior permission of the warden. It amounts to violation of rules.

  • Hostel property is your property

  • Every boarder shall be personally responsible for the safety and maintenance of the furniture supplied to the student. Repair charges for any damages including electric switches window panes doors and defacing etc. will have to be paid by the students concerned.

  • Use of electricity water

  • Lights must be switched off while going out of the room or before going to bed. Water taps must not be left open after taking bath or washing clothes. No one is allowed to use electrical appliances such as electric iron heaters coolers immersion rods etc. Violation of these rules would entail a penalty of Rs.1000.00/- to Rs.1500.00/- and repair charges of electric wires.

  • Cash and valuables

  • The boarders are advised not to keep cash and other valuables in rooms. Doing so well be at their own risk. The hostel authorities will not be responsible in case of any such loss. The state bank of india has set up an extension counter as well as an ATM in the college to provide banking facilities to the students. Students using mobile phones may do so at their own risk. Expensive electronic gadgets are not allowed in the hostel.

Parking of vehicles

Boarders are not allowed to keep park motor cars motor cycles scooters or cycles or any othe such vehicle within the premises of the hostels. The violation of this rule will be taken as a serious breach of discipline. Appropriate space is provided for parking of cycles and two wheelers. College authorities will not be responsible for any loss of a wrongly parked vehicle.

Breach of conduct possession of tobacco or any drug/intoxicant or an alcoholic beverage will lead to expulsion from the hostel immediately.

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