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Spicy Noodles

Eating Joints @ DAVCHD

It is said that one can’t live well, love well, and sleep well if one has not dined well. A full stomach and a sated appetite aren’t just physically necessary, but food plays a major role in being a communal thread of connection as well as fostering a sense of individual well-being. After all, Virginia Woolf must have had a reason to say, “Tragedies come in the hungry hours!”

The eating outlets in the college are as significant to a student’s college life as the classrooms or the auditorium. These outlets are the places where friendships are forged and the hostilities end. The brainstorming sessions during sharing a meal or a cup of tea can generate innovative ideas for assignments and projects, and well, for late night parties and vacations as well. There is no way such an important place can be taken lightly and it is for the same reason that colleges across India make sure that their canteens serve the best and the most scrumptious food to the students.

DAV College leaves no stone unturned to offer manifold options for the perennially hungry youngsters. The Pride of the college is The Indian Coffee House, which has existed here since the inception of the college and proudly flaunts its bearers with the old world cummerbunds and starched turbans dish out sumptuous South Indian meals, while also featuring other delicious snacks on its rich menu. The college also boasts of another big canteen that dominantly caters to North Indian appetites, with its variety of lip-smacking delicacies, mini-meals and beverages available at reasonable rates. Needless to say that the college canteen is one of the most happening places in the campus – the focal point of most of the student activity on the campus. Of course, it is known for its savory food, but it is also the place where everlasting memories are fostered and created. It is here that students can relax, chat, laugh, share experiences and lecture notes over a cup of tea. The canteen is conveniently located next to the herbal garden with easy access from all the buildings of the campus. It has a large seating area and is run by professional caterers. Vending machines for tea, coffee and snacks are also located in the canteen, and there are separate wings for students and staff.

There is a cozy Nescafe outlet in a garden nook that offers gourmet coffee, ice tea, mini meals, maggi and sandwiches. Adjacent to this is the famous juice and shake outlet that has been gratifying the students with healthy options to choose from, including portions of cut fruit on demand, ever since the college came into being. Many alumnae, who were sportsmen in their heyday, fondly recollect the times when they were awarded coupons for a refreshing juice everyday as a perk.

The college believes in the aphorism of a healthy body being a requisite for a fertile mind and a calm soul.  Hence, all cafeterias have menus designed by a team of professional dieticians, which offer nutritious and appetizing food to ensure a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in these cafeteria, which have a highly skilled kitchen staff who ensure the smooth functioning of these outlets. A variety of hygienic food and snack items includes South and North Indian Meals, Variety Rice’s Chinese Foods Fresh Juices, etc.

All the outlets have breakfast options available. The premises are cleaned round the clock and, with the highest hygienic standards maintained.  Reverse Osmosis systems for purifying drinking water are available all across the campus. The menu is changed every month by the food committee which comprises of student representatives, the administrative staff, the cafeteria manager and the principal.

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