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Path Seekers' Society

The Path Seekers' Society is the brainchild of Dr. Ghanshyam Dev, Head, Dept. of Political Science, D.A.V. College, Chandigarh and Harsh Vardhan, an ex-student of D.A.V. College. The society is associated with spirituality, occultism, mystic sciences, and to explore and to know the unexplored and the unknown. It organises spiritual, motivational, insightful and inspirational talks and workshops along with meditation sessions. It also tries to inculcate values, spirituality and positivity in the students via the medium of competitions such as declamations, poster making, etc.
Teacher-In-Charge: Dr. Ghanshyam Dev
President: Vivek, BA 3 Political Science Hons.
Social Media Manager: Surabhi Chawla, MCom BE 2

A Talk on Realization of Self and God by Sh. Rajiv Kumar was held on 19th November, 2019 in Mini Auditorium, DAV College, Chandigarh.
The society organised first of its kind, Quarantine Intra College Online Competitions from 1st-14th April, 2020. Intra-college essay writing, poster making and logo designing competition were conducted.
The society launched its logo on 22nd June 2020. The logo was designed by Prof. Manmeet Kaur, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Education, DAV College.
An Online Talk on Keeping Calm in Crisis by BK Sister Preeti was held on 4th July, 2020
Path Seekers conducted 7 Day Kindness Challenge from 1st-7th July, 2020. Students were given different tasks on each day based on the themes of kindness towards birds and animals, kindness towards Nature, kindness towards mother, family and self and kindness towards covid warriors and nation.
A National Level Inter-College Declamation Competition on the topic: My address in Parliament of the world’s religions in today’s time was organised on 11th September, 2020.

Path Seekers' Society

The Economics Society

Teacher incharge: Dr. Vinod Kumar

 Poonam Jindal

 A new session brings in new life- a life full of happiness, vigor and enthusiasm to crack various opportunities open wide before us.

The Economics Society is an effort of Department of Economics, DAV College, sector 10, Chandigarh. Dr. Poonam Jindal, the incharge of the society had the original idea of establishing the society with the motto - Lust for excellence shapes creativity.

Students become aware of current issues of the nation and the world while taking up these issues through parliamentary debates, panel discussions, special lectures, quiz and reading contests.

All this helps in maintaining emotional and intellectual balance among the student community who are the real capital of the nation.

 Teacher Incharge: Poonam Jindal

Panel members:

President: Ashutosh Goyal

Vice-President: Revant

Social Media Head: Anisha

Management Head: Aashima Gupta

Creative Head: Saloni

Publicity Head: Sukhman Singh

05.06.2021 23.33.41 879 263 (1).jpg

Ramanujan Mathematics Society

Ramanujan Mathematics Society was found by Mathematics department at DAV College Chandigarh in 2015 to give students the opportunity to enjoy Mathematics by conducting variety of events, Seminars, Lectures from Eminent persons to enhance their knowledge and overall personality. The members of the society are from both undergraduate and postgraduate classes. The society conducts various cultural, technical events, Inter-college contests and Educational trips for the students with the active participation of students under the guidance of faculty.

The Society organized an Inter-college Fest for two days which included Powerpoint presentation, poster making competition, Quiz and Guest lecture for enhancement of knowledge of the students. The Society has also organized educational trips to IISER, Mohali and NABI National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute.

The Society also conducts Induction programme for new students, Fresher’s party for welcome of new students and Felicitation Programmes as well. Various guest lectures on various fields like Forensic Science have also been conducted to make the students aware of the real life applications of Mathematics.

The Society encourages the students to clear various competitive examinations like UGC- CSIR and encourages University Toppers of the College by awarding prize money. The Society also contributed during pendamic  by donating Rs.50,000/- for serving the poor and underprivileged Covid patients, The society is devoted to pursuing activities and at fostering interest in Mathematics and its applications and in creative expression of Mathematical ideas.


Waste Management Society

Waste management committee has been actively involved in waste management in the college campus.In the hostels composters are installed to conver organic waste like ; vegetable  peels,left over food etc into compost ,which is utilised in the college campus.Its eco- friendly and best method of disposal of wet waste.
To make the students and faculty aware regarding the impact of dumping of waste in the surroundings and   the methods of disposal which can be manageable at home by every individual,webinars,workshops,rallies and seminars are organised by the society. More over for hygenically  disposal of used sanitary napkins electrical machine has been installed  in the campus to make  it pollution free

Composter Unit 
Composter Unit 
Sanitary Napkin Disposal Unit
Waste Management Society

Scientific Society

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Amalgamated Fund Committee

Our Institute is committed towards the welfare of students and their holistic development, which is the most prioritized and crucial aspect of any educational institute. DAV College, Chandigarh being a premier institute emphasizes on personality development of students by imparting quality knowledge and providing platform to enhance skills and confidence.   The amalgamated fund is also devoted to the same.  Amalgamated fund is a collective fund which is utilized for the student related requirements and activities of the college. The fund is meant to support the student welfare and development. It is utilized for the library related funds such as books, Magazines, Newspapers, computer software and data management. The fund is also utilized for the other activities such as educational programs and SCA elections. The Amalgamated Fund shall be utilized for the Purchase of sports material, maintenance of play grounds, house examinations, community projects, social service approved by the Head of the institute.

  • The Amalgamated Fund shall also be utilized for the students overall development such as participation of students in seminars, debates, declamations, award of scholarships, Youth welfare activities and cultural activities.

  • The Amalgamated Fund is a merged fund which could also be utilized for the construction, educational meets, expenses of canteen, photograph teams, as well as student welfare leading to direct benefit to the students.


The Commerce And Management Society

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