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Workshop on Vedic Mathematics

September 16, 2023 at 7:30:00 AM


A workshop on Vedic Mathematics was organized by the
department of Computer Science and Applications, DAV
College, Chandigarh on 16th September, 2023. The workshop
was part of series of skill development and enhancement
sessions being organized by the department to improve vital
attributes, technical and analytical skills of the students to make
them ready for the challenges in the future.
The resource person for the workshop was Renowned
Mathematician Sh Sudhir Grover. Sh Grover described Vedic
Mathematics as a collection of powerful mathematical
techniques derived from ancient Indian scriptures which aims
to simplify and streamline calculations through mental
techniques, enabling individuals to perform complex
computations swiftly and effortlessly.
During the workshop, the resource person enlightened students
about the Vedic Mathematics techniques that can be applied to
solve problems involving arithmetic, geometry, algebra,
conics, and calculus.
The resource person asserted that Vedic Mathematics has been
proven to be beneficial for students and anyone practicing
maths in saving time, increasing concentration power,
expanding brain power, and memorizing. The unconventional
and intriguing techniques of Vedic Mathematics can captivate
imagination of students and foster a deeper appreciation for
The workshop ended with a brief discussion on various
academic/educational opportunities for the students post
completion of their graduation. The students were elucidated
about the process of MCA entrance examinations conducted by
various prestigious universities across the nation.
The students who attended the workshop were of the view that
the Vedic Mathematics methods are complementary, direct and
easy and Vedic Mathematics has the potential to spark interest
and enthusiasm for Mathematics. More than 100 students from
BCA-I attended the workshop.
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